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"After speaking with Kevyn several times, I was able to obtain the necessary tools to look at the brighter picture instead of focusing on the negativity oat hand. He was a great listener and provided great suggestions that really helped me out a lot." - client C.H. - divorced father with two kids

"Rev. Dr. Kevyn has been instrumental in me dealing with my anger. He has taught me how to recognize it, channel it and then let it go. When I started seeing him three years ago I was struggling with my marriage, with work issues and was angry at the cards I was dealt. I still get angry, however now who I get any, I am able to recognize it and not project it onto anyone else. I feel that I have a lot more at peace in my life thanks to Rev. Dr. Kevyn" - client D.R. - married woman with autistic son

Rev. Dr. T. Kevyn Holloway

Taught sensitivity awareness towards race, ability and gender at multiple state agencies and private companies.  Co-founded an HIV Health and Education Wellness & Prevention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Contracted by AMFAR (the American Foundation for AIDS Research) and various pharmaceutical companies (i.e. Roche, J&J, Merck) to present statewide and national community outreach forums due​ to an extensive background in social services, drug addiction, HIV health and homelessness. Managed group homes and multiple dwellings for the unsheltered and underserved. An ordained minister for the Universal Church of Light. Facilitates improving behavioral health amongst groups, couples, families and at risk individuals as well as mentoring individuals, like myself, that are differently-abled. 

 Life Advisor / Mentor / Reiki Master / Energy Healer

One on one / Groups / Family / Keynote Speaker 

Private / Professional / Confidential / Non - Denominational

Community Service

I am currently the acting Chair of the White Apple Institute Organization. Please help me in continuing to provide the community with this important mission. 

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White Apple Institute

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"We are not human beings seeking spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings seeking human experience."

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin